January 26, 2018

Acer Predator Cestus 500 kills!

The cestus. That’s a word that means different things to different people. To a history buff, it’s an ancient weapon worn like a boxing glove. To a gamer, it’s a fist weapon found everywhere from Final Fantasy to Dark Souls. If you asked me, the Cestus is an amazing piece of hardware.

Part of the Predator line of gaming-focused Acer products, the Cestus is a gaming mouse with style and substance. At a glance, you can tell this mouse means business. Despite looking like something you’d find on the desk of an evil overlord, the Cestus fit in the palm of my hand perfectly. The matt surface on its mouse buttons provided a nice sense of grip without any sort of annoying abrasion. The rubber on the scroll wheel ensured that had perfect control over even the tiniest movements. I never overshot my target while switching weapons in first person shooters, and in more tense situations like real-time strategy games I could click my middle mouse macros without having to worry about accidentally zooming in. The finger stops at the side of each mouse button kept my clumsy fingers from falling off, which is something that has happened more times than I would like to admit. It even has customizable sides panels attached by small magnets that allow you to switch things up between the classic mouse claw grip and a more ergonomic palm hold. It even does away with the tech world’s bias towards righties – its design allows for both left handed and right handed use with a switch of a panel.

One of the first things I look for in a mouse is weight. Out of the box, the Cestus felt surprisingly light, but not flimsy. My cellphone weighed heavier than it, and I wondered how it would affect my muscle memory. Turns out, it didn’t matter much at all – after a few minutes of adjustment I had no trouble lining up headshots and racking up kills. With six DPI switches I could change sensitivity on the fly depending on what the situation needed. It even carried over to games like League of Legends. Mouse clicking resistance is also easily adjusted, with switches underneath allowing you to make the left and right mouse buttons firmer or softer depending on your comfort level.

Previously I had to worry about making sure my mouse was set up correctly or I’d be missing skillshots constantly. Here, I could switch up the sensitivity with a single push of a button. Input lag is barely existent, even at the lowest polling rate available, and the Angle Snapping feature allowed even my notoriously shaky hands to keep my aim focused on a strafing opponent.

As with all gaming peripherals nowadays, the Cestus is customizable. With eight different lighting themes to choose from and a massive range of RGB colors to pick it can fit into any gaming setup with just a little bit of tweaking. My personal favorite is the “Breathing” pattern, which causes the LED accents to softly pulse a solid color. Making it glow red brings to mind Daedric weaponry from the Elder Scrolls series.

Aside from the visual customization, it is customizable. Every button except the left mouse click can be assigned nearly anything possible, from mouse functions to keyboard strokes to even full-on macros. While I’m not big on using macros and keybinds myself – mostly since I’m not quite good at setting them up – it’s funny to set up a button on the mouse that allows me to use an in-game scream emote without having to type something up.

It’s also, evidently, portable. The packaging came with a soft cloth bag for storing the mouse when traveling, and its small profile and negligible weight means that it can fit inside your laptop bag for when you need to game on the go, or just have a magnificently head-turning mouse. Its braided cord is also nice and durable, so you don’t have to worry about tangling it or damaging it in transit.

If there’s one last thing to be said about this incredible piece of hardware, it’s this – like the cestus of old, the Acer Predator Cestus 500 is a weapon that fits like a glove.

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