February 12, 2018

Are there Ghost PH Cell Towers?

The ratio of towers to subscriber is already at an incredibly high 1:5000.  According to DICT Acting Sec Rio Jr, the ideal ratio should be 1:1000. This means that each tower should service no more than 1000 subscribers at a time. In other words,  each cell tower is overloaded by 5x the ideal capacity.

Missing Towers?
But how many of the reported 24,000 cell sites are actually WORKING in the Philippines? Can anyone be sure of this figure? As of Feb 12, 2018, BASS Cellsite data analysis can only confirm 14000 working cell sites. This is about 58.5% of the reported 24,000 cell towers. Of these Globe(MNC ID=2)  has 9,362 while Smart(MNC ID= 3) has 4688.

Globe maintains a 2:1 lead in cell towers numbers over SMART.

There are still quite a huge number of cell towers not yet detected. However, this is not conclusive as our BASS volunteers  have some more ground to cover. We need your help to do this. Please download the BASS app ( and help measure Philippine internet bandwidth. We specially need BASS volunteers in areas where there are no bubbles/circles in the map below. Each circle represents a known cell tower that has already been detected. Blue are Globe Towers, while green are Smart towers.

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