February 14, 2018

Louie De Leon Stews Up Content Game With Tomato Soup  


Creative wunderkind Louie De Leon recently expanded his burgeoning portfolio of startups with Tomato Soup, a concerted foray into the nascent industry of content marketing.  The 26-year old founder and serial entrepreneur is largely credited for establishing now widely used millennial-centric methodologies in creative advertising, and has thrown the proverbial hat into the ring of an otherwise unknown field.

De Leon opines, “Me, Rafa (co-founder Rafa Rodrigo of Black Sheep and The Nines fame) and a couple of friends were having beers in Singapore and I asked them that if they were to restart their entrepreneurial careers today, what they would do? The answers were so far from what we were currently doing, but I told them I wanted to produce content.  That eventually morphed into a business model where, in its purest form, we conjure up content ideas for people and publish them online.”

Working within the confines of the creative industry necessitates the constant need for change and innovation, and the emergence of digital communications and social media as a ubiquitous aspect of everyday life has led people to constantly find new ways to publish and consume content online. “What really pushed us to really get into it was the number of brands realizing the inherent value of this behavior, and we’re essentially here to capitalize on this phenomenon and help them optimally reach their audiences,” adds Rodrigo.

With the number of online subscriptions to video streaming services growing daily and overall social media consumption hitting record levels, the country is in the midst of a digital transformation.  Online influencers have been continually emerging out of the woodwork, creating a redefined ecosystem that impacts next-generation marketing communications at a fundamental level.  Trailblazing startups such as Tomato Soup seek to fill in the missing pieces within this rapidly evolving landscape, changing the game just as it is being played.

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