February 23, 2018

Can PSITE Arrest the Slide?

By Wilson Chua

Last year we broke the story about how 52% of IT graduates are not hire-able. Their skills were way below global standards based on Proxor’s exam results above:

Even worse one year later!

According to Calen Legaspi, CHED TCCS Industry Representative, “Failure rate in my company’s programming entrance exam is around 90%, with most takers scoring zero. Then even more fail the technical interview. So failure rate at my company is around 95%. When I talk to my other friends in the industry, they have similar failure rates.” (NB. Not to be confused with Proxor exams)

He even adds “when working with PHD level faculty, the majority of them could not code beyond the introductory level”.  Calen is going to be presenting more insights at the PSITE National Convention on Thursday. See PSITE 2017 convention schedule here. This author is also a presenter at the PSITE event.

So I reached out to John Ruero, past president and current Board Member of PSITE, for his insights on the matter. From PSITE’s perspective they are doing what they can to upgrade their members/teachers’ skills by hosting annual conventions like this one in Cagayan D Oro this week.

“The PSITE national convention this year feature speakers on a broad range of topics. This year will be more focused on Data Mining and Analytics”. There were also some hints at possible changes that CHED needs to make to accelerate the skills transfers.

In case you didn’t know, PSITE (Philippine Society of IT Educators) is a Philippine professional IT organization. It hosts several educational technology conventions and conferences.  According to Dr Neil P. Balba, PSITE national president, “It is an organization with great diversity that supports members and affiliates with information and networking opportunities as they face the challenges of innovation and transforming education. “

This year PSITE will be holding a major event which will be the 20th National Convention on February 22-24, 2018 at Mallberry Suites, Cagayan de Oro City. This year’s convention theme is “Towards an Intelligent PSITE@20”.  The convention also serves as venue to exchange ideas and knowledge. At least 300 IT Educators representing over 150 Universities and Colleges from all over the country are expected to attend.



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