March 12, 2018

F&D W6T Waterproof Bluetooth Speakers: A Rugged Yet Stylish Audio Companion On The Go

By Brian Yalung

Getting the perfect sound is something that most people place premium in, hence the need to have a reliable Bluetooth speaker in tow. There are a lot in the market and each is differentiated according to size and audio delivery.

F&D, a company that has been around since 1993, offers a wide array of audio solutions ranging from mini/ portable speakers, multimedia speaker systems, soundbars, docking stations and portable speakers. Of the mix, rugged Bluetooth speakers should be something to check out with most placing premium on sharing their favorite tunes or listening as a group.

One of the latest ones to land in the Manila Bulletin Tech News lab is the F&D W6T Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker. Its exterior is simple (clad in black or blue) with the buttons amplified through striking colors for operation.

Made for use anywhere

On one side, the power button, play, and volume controls are pretty much basic to use. Beneath them are the standard MicroUSB, Aux-in and TF card (meaning you can play tunes stored in any MicroSD card) at your pleasure.

Its rigid design makes it perfect for use indoor and outdoor. It is waterproof (IPX 5 grade), meaning lesser worries for people who may decide to use it by pools or even in beaches. Aside from that, it can also be attached to bikes for people who want to some audio companionship during rides.

Booming out loud

Aside from the aesthetics, one of the concerns most have before buying a Bluetooth speaker is the sound quality delivery. There are plenty to choose from and most prefer the popular brands.

The good news is that the F&D W6T Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker can act more than channeling sound via its Bluetooth V4.1 feature. Similar to some portable speakers, it comes with a voice system – meaning it can also help facilitate calls for people on the go.

Powering the F&D W6T Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker is a rechargeable built-in Li-Ion 500 mA battery. Recharging is done with the aid of the included USB cable. During charging, the red color LED indicator turns on. Once fully charged, the light will automatically turn off.

Simple and stylish, the F&D W6T Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker is one audio buddy to have. It carries the basic features and functions, an eye candy anyone will confidently bring along wherever they go.

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