March 12, 2018

The only assistant you’ll need is in Sony wireless speaker: LF-S50G

By Kathrina Ysabel Pineda

Photos by Joncristian Gerrald Cheng Tan

Google Assistant is on the fast track in reaching a wider audience through newer smart devices. Sony’s LF-S50G for instance, is a wireless speaker with built-in Google Assistant. It’s clear from the get-go that Sony wants you to treat the LF-S50G like a robotic companion. When you boot it up, two lights blink to life, as if the device is waking up from some deep sleep.

With Google Assistant you can ask the LF-S50G about the weather or ask information about specific locations or establishments and will answer as best as it could. You can ask for jokes or stories and the Google Assistant will come up with a thing or two: Whether or not the jokes are funny is up to you.

More importantly, the LF-S50G is a wireless speaker. You pair it up with your smartphone and you can play music or your audiobook. The cylindrical-shape of the speaker allows it to fire up sound in all directions. Audio quality itself is pretty decent and the volume can go really high up, but don’t expect to impress hardcore audiophiles with this speaker.

The LF-S50G has decent touch-free gesture controls. You spin your finger above the speaker at close proximity to tune up or down the volume. It doesn’t work all the time though, which can be frustrating at times. But when it works, it works. The swipe gestures to change tracks are impressive and has never failed during our tests.

The speaker’s modern design and mobility lets it blend in every corner of the house. The IPX3 rating makes it splash-proof, so it’s A-OK to let the LF-S50G to get splashed once in a while. The clock in front of the speakers may seem like a small thing to add, but actually increases its value by being more than just a speaker with some fancy voice and touch-free controls.

Setup is fast and easy. All you need is a decent WiFi and the Google Home app. It also has NFC, which makes pairing so much faster. You can link this with your Chromecast and control it with Google Assistant. With Google Assistant you can use this device to connect to other speakers, so that way when you move around the house, your voice assistant will always be right beside you.

Google Assistant still has limitations and most of us can forgive that. The technology is still being developed and maybe in a few more years issuing commands to newer voice assistants will be more organic.

Comparing the Sony LF-S50G to its competitors like Amazon Echo and the original Google Home, Sony’s sweeps them away easily. The company is on the right track here plus the experience and years of research of developing audio devices.

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