April 10, 2018

F&D F210X: Flexible audio entertainment on a budget

By Brian Joseph Patrick N. Yalung

Bluetooth speakers vary mostly in design and the quality of audio rendering. F&D is a brand that most may have heard off, a company that dares to cater to all markets – especially the budget-conscious.

The number of speakers that comprise an audio system matter and the first impression the F&D F210X calls to mind some home theater philosophy. It comes with a subwoofer and a pair of 3W satellite speakers that hope to account for evenly spread audio coming from mobile devices, memory cards and other sources of audio playback.

Aesthetically pleasing, most would be concerned about the sound quality it is able to deliver. For a budget-friendly speaker system, the W&D F210X is a nifty solution that hopes to create some noise in the Bluetooth speaker segment.

Playing back with gusto

The W&D F210X 2.1 Bluetooth Speaker system accommodates connections via Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity. Alternatively, it comes with a USB reader for folks who prefer to playback their favorite tunes directly from it via MP3 or WMA formats. If not through the card reader, audio rendering can also be done via Universal Serial Bus (USB) using portable flash drives or even external hard disks that house large amounts of audio files.

Should the stored audio files from the phone or the memory cards fail to satisfy, the W&D F210X also comes with its own uninterruptable Digital FM station where up to 100 stations can be stored. Complimenting it is PLL technology for smoother listening via digital networks.

Built to deliver soothing audio

The W&D F210X was designed to help expand audio possibilities, particularly for folks who want audio spread evenly. To help maintain high-quality sound, the mold of the W&D F210X hopes to do that with its housing made of the 100-percent wooden material for lower distortion.

The whole set is composed of dual 3W RMS satellite speakers with bass delivered via its 9W RMS subwoofer. Impressive as the look and specs may be, it would be best to note that this is a budget-friendly device that could lower expectations a bit.

Overall, the W&D F210X 2.1 Bluetooth Speaker system stands as a great companion for people who want to enjoy the soothing sound, adding some flare to their gaming prowess or ramping up their movie viewing pleasure. It comes with pretty basic features found in the panel keys (power button, audio play controls, and volume adjustment).

The W&D F210X also comes with a remote for an easier interface, allowing owners to make the necessary adjustments from afar. With all those in the package, this is one speaker system to consider – particularly the cash-strapped folks who want some decent audio compliment for music, gaming, and other media-centric entertainment pleasures.

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