May 15, 2018

Iron Man suits up new Acer Swift 3

By Jonathan Castillo

The limited edition of the Avengers: Infinity War-themed Acer Swift 3 – Iron Man laptop was built to be like your own personal Iron Man armor. In the movies, heads turn when Tony Stark walks into the scene, the Swift 3 does that. It’s fast, stylish, and has a lot of power to boot.

Everything about the Acer Swift 3 – Iron Man screams style. The most eye-catching prospect of the Swift 3 is the sleek red and gold color scheme, reflecting every Iron Man armor seen on the big screen. The Swift 3 – Iron Man is the definition of cool.

Opening the Swift 3 will reveal a keyboard with a premium look and feel. The keys were soft with enough spacing from each other. The backlit was a nice touch, and quite easy on the eyes even in the dark. In the lower right portion of the keyboard, similar to the Aspire 6 – Captain America Edition, is the stylish Avengers logo.

Power up the Swift 3 and you’ll find a unique Iron Man wallpaper that you’ll never want to change. The touchpad is smooth and responsive. The travel space between one side to the other offers plenty of room for navigation. The fingerprint sensor unlocks your laptop in a snap.

Now, this part of the design is what will get most fans excited. You cannot have an Iron Man laptop and not have an Arc Reactor that doesn’t light up. This might just be the most favorite part of the Acer laptop.

The Arc Reactor design located on the surface cover is no mere simple cosmetics. Switch off the lights and the Arc Reactor lights up.It’s an impressive display of style. On a normal usage, for typing and net browsing, the Swift 3 managed to last a little over eight hours. Though if we cut down on using the internet and lowered the screen brightness, we almost made it to a full ten hours.

The Acer Swift 3 is focused on using daily apps, like Microsoft Word and internet browsing. So don’t expect you’ll be able to play heavy-hitting videogames like Far Cry 5 or Final Fantasy XV. You can probably gamble on something like Skyrim or even Dragon Ball FighterZ in the lowest possible settings.

Though games with lower system requirements, such as the good portion of impressive indie games found in Steam. Games like Celeste, Dead Cells, and Stardew Valley run perfectly well with the Swift 3.

Acer invested in developing audio technology for the Swift 3. It features two microphones with what Acer calls “far-field pickup” and keystroke suppression so you can type while having a serious discussion over the voice chat.

The Iron Man edition of the Acer Swift 3 is an eye-popper. It’s well designed for both Marvel fans and those who are not so much. As this is a limited edition laptop, the Swift 3—Iron Man is available as long as supplies last.

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