May 15, 2018

The eye in the sky: Ezykam Home EP10

By Inna Lagazon

Increasing necessities for Surveillance cameras has allowed strong competition in the market, with quality devices for a much more affordable cost. Also, if you want to avoid the complicated setup of cameras, you can opt to get plug-and-play devices like Ezykam.3

Today, we’re checking out the EP10 home camera. Similar to the HP10, the EP10 is a plug-and-play camera, meaning all you have to do is connect the device to a power source, download the app in your phone and set up from there.

The EP10 is has a flexible motion, being able to turn horizontally and vertically. You can program patterns so that it can move on its own, or, through the app you can manually look around.

The image quality is surprisingly good. The camera captures enough light to project a bright and clear image. The night vision mode is also impressive. We were able to identify people recorded in the EP10’s night vision camera.

You can set the EP10 either with a cable connected to its Ethernet port or go wireless. Either way the entire setup is a breeze. Since the EP10 is connected to your phone with the Ezykam app and WiFi, you can monitor your home, office, or whatever you want to be monitored anywhere as long as you have your phone.

Similar to the HP10, you will need a strong internet connection to get the best possible streaming quality. Even with slow bandwidth, you’ll still be able to stream with some decent clarity.

The EP10 also supports voice features. Enable your phone’s microphone through the Ezykam app and the EP10 will receive and emit your voice. Quite handy to “Shh!” the dogs when they’re fighting.

You can configure the EP10 to send you alerts when it detects movement. Useful when positioning the camera outdoors.

It comes with a kit for mounting. It requires very basic carpentry or intuitive lifehacking to mount the EP10 on the walls and ceilings. Either way like everything about the Ezykam, it’s simple and easy to setup.

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