June 18, 2018

Honor 9 Lite: Putting up a brave, pretty face

Honor 9 Lite

This newcomer phone brand is lit! The Honor 9 is an impressive piece of stylish hardware with a great specs sheet. The mini-version of the Honor 9, the 9 Lite, caters to the mid-range segment that fits just right in most budgets.

The first thing to notice about the Honor 9 Lite is the looks. It’s sleek and elegant. It looks like something carved out from the higher mid-range materials. The 9 Lite offers a lasting impression and with four cameras to booth, there’s a few good tricks to explore with this device.

The Honor 9 Lite is framed with aluminum and the back is glass. Don’t fuss over that too much, you’ll be able to preserve the Honor aesthetics despite the oils in your pores getting caught in the glass. It doesn’t catch as much fingerprints as older glass backed phones did.

The 5.65-inch display features a 1080x2160p resolution and with a nice 428ppi. It’s powered with a Kirin 659 processor and supports either a 3 or 4-gig RAM configuration. Those numbers alone should tell you that the Honor 9 Lite is pretty powerful and can stand on its own.

The Kirin 659 is powerful enough to let you run games like PUBG Mobile quite decently. You’ll still be able to compete in that game with little fuss. Though other games out there, like Injustice 2, frames will drop every now and then. For other 2D games and less demanding 3D games, you should be just fine with the Honor 9 Lite. Other games such as Arena of Valor and Mobile Legends run well enough with few hiccups.

The rear cameras are impressive. You can take some amiable shots with them and the low-light performance isn’t all too bad either. There’s the usual staples from most phones such as beautification. What I did like about this device’s camera is the option to change shutter speed for up to eight seconds, letting the lens capture more light. So, even in a dim-lit room, place the Honor 9 Lite on a tripod and you should get some excellent images. The front cameras are respectable as well. The two front cameras allow you to blur out backgrounds or specific areas, while maintaining the sharp accuracy of the subject. Should make for a lot of fun self-photography during travels.

The Honor 9 Lite continues to support microUSB instead of jumping ship for the newer USB Type C, which has faster read/write speeds and improves charging speed by a lot. But that’s a minor nitpick, there are plenty of devices right now that still rely on microUSB. Besides, while still using microUSB, you won’t have to bring your type C cable everywhere you go. Until type-C becomes mainstream on all range of devices, I’m happy to stay old school.


The Honor 9 Lite runs on EMUI 8, a modified version of Android 8. It’s the same modified OS used by Huawei on their P and Mate devices. According to Honor, the EMUI 8 has the latest AI technology, with an enhanced F2FS file system that optimizes the device’s potential, and more effective defragmentation. In other words, Honor claims with the EMUI 8, the Honor 9 Lite will remain fast and responsive, and slowing down will never affect them.

Fingerprint unlock is swift. A single tap will open the Honor 9 Lite in a thundering blaze. Honor claimed that the 9 Lite uses a machine learning technology. The more you use it, the faster the device becomes. Also, also by Honor, your fingerprint information is encrypted. So there’s a nice touch of cybersecurity thrown in there.

Honor put mostly everything that matters to some people in the 9 Lite. Great selfie camera, good battery, decent gaming experience, all wrapped in a sleek design. The mid-range market of phones just keeps getting better


Specs Sheet

Display: 5.65 inches

Resolution: 1080x2160p, 428ppi

Processor: HiSilicon Kirin 659, octa-core

RAM: 3/4GB

Internal storage: 32/64GB

Rear camera: 12MP+2MP

Front camera: 13MP+2MP

Battery: 3000mAh

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