June 19, 2018

The OPPO Find X has a cool new trick up its sleeve

At Paris, OPPO will be unveiling the full details of their newest flagship device – the Find X. And great news, it won’t have a notch. The OPPO Find X will have a screen ratio of 92.25%. That’s almost as bezel-less as it can get (at least for now). That should deliver a fully immersive viewing experience.

In the past, OPPO has done some really interesting things with their devices – if you remember the OPPO N3, which has a motorized camera that flips backwards and forwards. Well, those cool little things return with the Find X. If you look at the device, you will notice that there’s no camera at all – from and back. This is because when you fire up the camera app, the top of the Find X slides up to reveal a generous 25MP front-facing camera, dual rear cameras with 16 and 20MP, and comes with a 3D facial scanning system.

As for the specs sheet, the OPPO Find X will be using a Qualcomm Snapdragon 845, 8 gigs of RAM, up to 256 gigs of storage, and 3730mAh battery.

Tune in later for the official livestream event later tonight!


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