Art Samaniego

Pinoy LulzSec stages April Lulz hacking event

by Jonathan Castillo From April 1 to 3, multiple Philippine-based websites have been defaced. The attacks came from Pinoy LulzSec, a black hat hacker group, and their intention is to celebrate what they call the “April Lulz event.” A member of Pinoy LulzSec who calls himself “Lolo” and claims to […]

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Filipino Black Hat Hackers Attack Dozens of Websites

By Allan Jay Dumanhug & Jason Te Occidental Filipino black hat hacking group, Pinoy Lulzsec, breached, defaced, and leaked the databases of multiple websites on the evening of April 1st. This is in line with their annual April Lulz event, wherein they hack websites and leak information for entertainment and […]

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