Is the HomePod for me?

By Rom Feria Apple’s smart speaker, the HomePod, will start to ship next month (Feb 9), in the US, UK and Australia. At USD349, it is not cheap! That being said, I am tempted to get one, but is it for me? First off, I am deeply entrenched in the […]

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The Year of AI

If the history of human advancement has taught us one thing it is this: genuine step-change progress does not occur because of a single technology breakthrough, but a combination of multiple complementary factors coming together at the same time. The Industrial Revolution, which began in the UK around 1760, was […]

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TrueMoney poised to grow in 2018

Just a short four months after achieving its 1 million unique transacting customers, TrueMoney Philippines has now reached 2 million transacting customers by the end of 2017. The Fintech challenger only started commercial operations in late-2016 but has now grown into one of the largest payments and financial services players […]

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