Philips LiFi enables broadband internet through LED

If audio has HiFi, lighting has LiFi – Light Fidelity, a technology where broadband Internet connection is provided through high LED lighting. As the lighting company for the Internet of Things, Philips Lighting is the first global lighting company to offer LiFi-enabled luminaires from its existing office lighting portfolio. “LiFi […]

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Can Manila taxi drivers get better at customer service?

By Eddie Ybanez  Dubbed the “summer capital of the Philippines” for Filipinos who make the circuitous trek toward the mountain city for its cold weather, Baguio is also remarkable for a reason rarely mentioned, but one that all motoring and travel enthusiasts should celebrate: The taxi drivers there are a […]

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Globe strengthens campaign to fight piracy

The fight against illegal streaming and downloading of movies will never stop as long as Filipinos patronize such illegal acts online. From the latest data on We Are Social, Philippines ranks #10 in terms of torrent downloads. 55% of visits to movies and series sites are done on illegal sites. […]

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Facebook Alternatives?

By Rommel Feria If you have been following me on Twitter, Medium, and, of course, here, you know that I have deleted my Facebook account last year. My Facebook account was inactive before that, i.e., no posts, and very few Likes. I also cleaned it up (deleted everything that can […]

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7 Superb Reasons to Get a Huawei Nova 2 Lite

  Photo by @discoverMNL Just from a casual spec peek at the Nova 2 lite, you’ll know it’s no lightweight contender. Seeing the phone up close, however, pulls you in with its excellent blend of fun and functionality rarely seen in devices today. Check out 7 surefire reasons that should […]

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